Welcome to Post Production Institute

The Post Production Institute is an education channel of pioneer multimedia institute i.e. ADMEC Multimedia. It came into existence in the year 2008 with the purpose of providing exhaustive and extensive knowledge in the areas of post production. Post production is a process that occurs in film making or video production at the last. It has a requirement of skills such as video editing, sound editing/mixing, recording, motion graphics, compositing, and 2 and 3 dimensional visual effects (vfx) etc. We are very much pleased to have delivered satisfactory results in the area of post production training.

Post production institute in Delhi is also a self sustaining institute solely working with ADMEC Multimedia Institute for the benefit of students and also adding to the updating of institutional facilities for students who opt to take up the courses like Motion Graphic, Visual effects, animation master, fcs master, video editing, vfx master etc... However we are vigorously pursuing commitment to achieve optimum objectivity and upgrading the educational levels so as to bring a par with the international standards. Post production institute helps you realize your professional & creative goals through a well planned curriculum and professional training methodology.

We believe in 360 degree development of the students so our teaching methodology focused on main 3 things.

  1. Advanced training on latest computer applications by the Industry Experts
  2. Sketching sessions from the veteran artists to improve the creativity in you
  3. Workshops covering Visual Grammar and User Experience based learning