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What is Visual Effects or VFX?


Visual effects or VFX in its most elementary form are digitally manipulated live action footage. In other words, a visual effect is the optimum use of computers to add and remove special effects or anything that wasn’t originally within the shot.

A visual effect or impact is the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create realistic environments. However, the creation of such imaginary would be dangerous, costly, and simply impossible to capture on film.

Visual Effects– Promising a Bright Future

career in visual effects training

Visual effects industry in India is booming in a major mode. Although it is not as popular as the VFX industry internationally, but it is still gaining popularity with the new generation here in India.

While most people prefer watching these effects take shape on the screen, some like to find out how visual effects work through a visual effects course.

3D Animation a Creative Field

3d animation a creative field

3D has become an inevitable part of life and it's becoming popular day by day. CGI (Computer Graphics Imagery) or extensively known as the 3D Animation process, creates special effects in movies, arts, video games, mobile games, television programs, and advertisements. The 3D images are not hand drawn, but are mostly created using specific 3D software. The structure being built on three axes provides- vertical, horizontal, and the depth effects.


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