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Salary Packages and Work Profiles for 3D Animator

With the growing advancement of the digital techniques in the advertising, film making, gaming, and entertainment; animation is evolving at a rapid rate. New techniques, technologies, and tools are constantly emerging and that’s why it’s essential for any budding animator to not only choose for suitable courses, but also acquire more and more knowledge.

Careers for Animators in 3D Animation after Joining a Best Institute in Delhi

careers for animators in animation


Animation is all about creating illusions and shape change. Here you design 2D and 3D effects through animation. Today almost every business needs creative minds. Animation Artist, VFX artists, designers are some minds that bring ideas to life. A career in animation is in great demand nowadays. And why not? With high salaries, career growth and an opportunity to showcase your creativity, a career in this industry could be the right choice for today's youth.

Post Production Workflow Tips and Tricks in Wedding Photography

Learn Post Production Workflow Tips and Tricks in Wedding Photography

Editing weddings and portraits is a challenge job for photographers. After shooting photographers are sometimes left with hundreds or thousands of images to work through. If timelines are tight, you are juggling with multiple sessions at once and want to provide awesome quality to the clients, on time then what’s the solution?? The solution is to follow a Proper Workflow.

A good workflow is beneficial in:


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